Thursday, 13 September 2007

Plan for the weekend

  1. Finish up the quickie wristlets
  2. Finish the kerchief that isn't going to be a shawl
  3. Finish at least 1 stripe of Dr Who
  4. Transfer the black shawl to the new needle and knit one iteration
  5. Go up to the London Bead Co and purchase 8mm DPNs (if they have them), yarn for Christmas stockings and a button for the jumper.

If I manage to do all of these things (while also cleaning my flat and helping my friend get ready to move house), then I shall spend the rest of the weekend working on any project I like, probably some lovely silk hexagonal goodness. Or I might be good and keep working on Dr Who or the llama. I think one of next month's finishing projects is going to be the llama, simply because I am sick to death of it. Bloody little legs with millions of stitches.

Looking forward to starting the stockings, too! I'm going to make them in bog-standard red white and green, but they will be an interesting experiment. I'm also trying to decide whether I should line them, although I'm tempted to send them unlined and let Friend pick her own lining.

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