Tuesday, 11 September 2007

One sock, two socks

I bound off the first Jitterbug sock before work this morning. I shall be sewing in the ends and photographing tonight!

I did in fact cast on for the fluffy autumnal scarf last night. Big needles, fluffy yarn - what more could you ask for? Especially hot on the heels of little needles and skinny yarn. I like contrasts.

The granny squares are not going to be a blanket, I've decided. I think it's a bad idea to mix fibres, and I'm planning to not buy any more cheap acrylic once I've gotten through this pile in my stash. Buying yarn solely to make a blanket would be silly when I don't really like the yarn, especially when the project was designed for scraps anyway! So, I'm going to keep making granny squares with my acrylic scraps, use it all up, and then turn it all into a pillow. It'll still be attractive, but much smaller and easier to finish!

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