Tuesday, 18 September 2007

On garter stitch scarves

I knitted about a foot of fluffy scarf last night. It was interesting sitting in the pub, because there were several people in other groups who were fascinated by the knitting, staring at my hands and looking away whenever they saw that I'd seen them. Then there were the people I was with. Although there weren't many knitters there last night, all of them were people who have experienced knitting in some form or another and knew exactly what I was doing. For them the fascination was the project, not the activity.

It's interesting taking this scarf around with me. Garter stitch scarves in novelty yarn are the so-called beginner project, which to my mind has always implied a kind of criticism. You'd only work with novelty yarn if your stitches don't hold up to scrutiny, you'd only knit scarves if you can't manage shaping or fitting, that kind of thing. Which has meant that, as a rule, I don't carry my garter stitch scarves around with me. I love knitting all kinds of things, but I don't want to be labelled an inexperienced beginner.

Then I thought, "Screw that."

I can knit what I want. I can knit pretty much when and where I want to (obviously not at work), and I am capable of making most anything. There's stuff I haven't tried yet, but it's because I have so much other stuff I'm doing, not because I'm afraid of doing it. So, if I've got the guts to make anything, and I've got the guts to carry my knitting around and fascinate the muggles, surely I can handle knitting on my scarf in front of other knitters.

After all, I was knitting a sock on 2mm needles last time we were at the pub.

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