Saturday, 8 September 2007

Having the blahs

On Thursday I finished up the front of the jumper, sewed one side up, and started the collar. Yesterday I did loads on the sock, since I was out and about. If I were to sit down and just do it, I could finish the jumper and the sock this evening.

Will I?

Hell no.

I have the blahs. I'm barely working up the energy for Dr Who mindless garter stitch. Which is good, in that I'm working on Dr Who, but bad that I'm not getting any closer to finishing the two things that are nearly done.

I was also very restrained at Loop yesterday. I went in after three things - a longer circular for the finishing of the black drop-stitch shawl, some 2.5mm DPNs for the smocked gauntlets I want to make, and some 8mm DPNs for the sleeves of the coatigan. They were sold out of 8mms, but I got the other stuff. I also came away with a 400m skein of kid mohair in a lovely baby blue colour, to be turned into a Kiri Shawl, and a skein of Seasilk! Loop is now carrying it! Rather perfect timing, actually, since the newest Magknits has a beautiful shawl pattern designed for one skein of Seasilk. But right now I haven't got enough energy to even concentrate on casting on a new project, much less a complicated lacy one.

I also swatched for the half-hexagonal shawl from VLT yesterday. The Sundara silk lace looks gorgeous knitted up. Very subtle and colourful. Looking forward to that once I've finished up some other stuff.

And I've just been informed that another Fake-Isle Hat would go down well with little brother, so I shall be dealing with that in black and red acrylic later on, probably in October. Christmas present - tick!

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