Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Can't I just knit?

Instead of sitting around doing nothing?

I've got a bunch more done on the sweater. Nearly at the neck shaping, but am not going to be working on it over lunchtime because I have errands to run. Like returning library books and renewing my Railcard. Things that are tedious and timeconsuming, but sadly necessary.

I also finished up Chart A of the Mystery Stole over the weekend. It's heartbreaking, really - I love this stole, so very, very much. It's a joy to work on, it's intricate, beautiful, and it's utterly not useful in the making space in the flat crusade. So I'm only letting myself do one or two rows whenever I get to a landmark place with one of my other projects. Like, say, finishing up the I-cord thing. Or getting to the point of starting the collar on the sweater. I could just work on it constantly, but we really are hoping to move and I'd like to have less stuff in the flat.

I shall spend tomorrow evening working on Dr Who, of course, because Wednesdays are for scarves. This may become a new tradition of mine, I think. I've always got a scarf or three on the needles (or on the hook, to be more accurate), I've always got more in the queue, and they are usually portable.(Unlike Dr Who, which is a big fat pie of a scarf.) And scarves are always good for gifts.

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