Monday, 3 September 2007

Busy weekend!

I finally finished up the I-cord sewing. It's not a hotpad, though. This little piece of I-cord decided it wanted to be a bowl to store my row counters and other little tools in, so I decided to let it. It took several long Underground journeys to do it, but it's finally done - and I plan never to do it again. Ick. I can't decide which was worse, the making of the cord or the sewing afterwards.

The pink jumper is going really well. I've bound off for the armholes and done 1 inch of the 6 before the neck shaping.Hopefully I'll get to the point of starting the collar by the weekend, and then I can wear it soon! I'm glad I finished the socks before the jumper, as it meant that I used up the end of the yarn from the socks in the jumper. Not a huge fan of partial skeins. They are a pain to use up, even when I love the yarn.

Speaking of using up yarn, I finished a complete ball of Dr Who yarn. I also managed a couple more stripes over the weekend. There are only 2 or 3 really big stripes left on the thing now, so with any luck I shouldn't get stuck again like last time. I really, really want it done and out of my flat! I've been very carefully sewing in the ends as I go along, so once it's bound off, I'll have a couple of ends to sew in and a fringe to make. And that'll be it.

Weirdly, I also got a bunch done on the Jitterbug sock this weekend. The heel is completely done, and I'm in the round and round until I get bored with the cuff stage. I ended up doing a funky upside-down gusset over the short-row heel, which I hope will be more comfortable. I'm hoping to have enough of the yarn left to make a headwrap to keep my ears warm.It's one good thing about liking ankle socks, I suppose - I pretty much will never run out of sock yarn if I do toe-up socks. Having said that, there are some patterns for knee socks that I REALLY want to make.

I resisted buying more Posh yarn. It was hard. There were pretty things. But I am broke and being good.

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