Wednesday, 26 September 2007

1 down, 7 to go

I did manage to finish the fluffy scarf last night. It is lovely and cuddly, and I have nowhere to put it until December. Knew there was a flaw in my plan somewhere... Still, I am happy to have it done. Plus, it's one entire odd ball of yarn used up from the stash, which is good. I bought a whole bunch of one-offs back when I first started knitting, not realizing how much yarn it takes to make any given project. So now I'm going to be making a bunch of scarves.

Tonight the gaming is back to its regularly scheduled programming, so the Dr Who scarf is coming back to the gaming table. It has grown about a foot since the recipient last saw it. Hopefully he will be pleased! I am so looking forward to getting it finished. I suspect that it will inspire me to get lots of other things done as well, since I won't be feeling guilty that I've got it lurking in the flat any more. There is only one more really big stripe left - everything else is little ones, so with any luck it'll be a bit like running downhill with the rest of it.

And the stocking is wonderful.

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