Friday, 31 August 2007

Still with the making of stuff

I was off sick yesterday morning, so took advantage of lying in bed to do one of the side seams on the coatigan. I've elected to crochet all of the seams, since the yarn is weird enough that sewing would be problematic. Once I've got the other side seam done, I can sort out the lapels - now that I've got the interfacing! I'm also going to make a start on the collar, since the first row is going to be awkward folding over and knitting through multiple stitches.

I've got three full balls of the yarn left, plus most of a partial. I'll start the collar with the partial, leave it attached, and then use the complete balls for the sleeves. The plan for the sleeves is to do a kind of crazy picked up flap heel worked upside-down from the shoulders, and then just work the rest of the sleeve in the round. Hopefully it'll work, but I'm going to need to work both sleeves at once so that they are symmetrical. And I also have to go buy several sets of 8mm DPNs. Why they don't come in sets of 5 is beyond me, but I'm going to need three sets to work the sleeves.
Hopefully there will be leftovers from the sleeve yarn to make the collar bigger. That's the plan, anyway. I want a really big floppy collar. And if I can finish it by the middle of December, it'll be exactly the right weight to wear in South Carolina at my grandmother's.

Other stuff. The front of the pink jumper is going really well. There are 76 rows of straight back-and-forth before the armhole shaping, and I've done 46. I can probably get the thing finished in the next week or so if I devote the weekend to working on it. I'm going over to a friend's tomorrow afternoon for a session of knitting and sci-fi, so lots of quality knitting time there. Plus today's lunch hour and this evening.

Planned finishes for September are the I-cord hotpad and the pink jumper. I also hope to complete the third column of Dr Who. (The stripe pattern is written out in 4 columns, each roughly a quarter of the whole.) I've also got Thursday and Friday off next week; they are going to be devoted to the secret project. Lots of sewing and charting.

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