Monday, 20 August 2007

Pink Socks!

Are all finished and are warming up my feet at this very minute. It's nice that even when it's freezing at work I can have warm snuggly feet.

As a result of finishing off the socks, I spent a large chunk of Saturday working on the grey lacey scarf, and most of Sunday working on Dr Who! I finally made it though the huge 54 row beige stripe, which was encouraging enough that I finished another stripe and a half last night while watching The Silver Chair. The scarf and the requisite yarn for the next couple of stripes are in my bag waiting for tonight's Shire meeting at the pub, where I hope to get lots of it done. I think I'm going to be devoting most of my at-home knitting to Dr Who for a while, because finishing it would clear an entire bag of yarn from my flat.

My knitter's hoarding tendencies are engaged in a battle with my obsessive compulsive need for order, cleanliness and tidiness. One half of me wants lots and lots of pretty yarn for when I need to start something new, the other half looks around and quietly freaks out at the sight of so much unfinished, unused stuff. I'm a big fan of not having stuff unless it's being used.

Rock on with Dr Who!

(Amusingly, I spent Friday evening curled up on the couch with Dr Who watching my first ever episode of Dr Who. It seemed both appropriate and ironic.)

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