Monday, 13 August 2007

Nicely Organized

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out and tidying all of my various needlework supplies. All the stuff except for my handbag socks and MS3 are now neatly tucked away in 4 bags and two tubs, which I think is pretty good. MS3 is too fragile to be dumped into a bag, so it's sitting on my needlework table. One bag is devoted to the current active projects, one to Dr Who (so much yarn for one frickin' scarf!), one bag to the coatigan (a very small bag), and one bag to yarn that has patterns picked out for it. The tub of knitting holds all the yarn that doesn't have a project picked out, or is so far down the queue that there's no point keeping it out. The second tub holds all of the embroidery and sewing stuff, plus two skeins of white yarn I'm planning to dye at some point before the weather gets cold.

I'm now quite merrily knitting away at pink sock #2, which is up to the lace cuff since casting on yesterday. Hopefully I'll get that finished by the end of the week. I actually did some work on Dr Who yesterday too. It's the really wide stripes that get me stuck, because really, is there anything more dull than 54 rows of beige garter stitch? I've done 35 of them,and with any luck I'll get this strip done by Friday so I can devote my weekend to racing through the next few narrow stripes.

The revel on Saturday should be a perfect opportunity to get lots of knitting done. It's so pleasant to be surrounded by lots of people who all 'get' handicrafts and don't think that I'm weird, like most of the people on the train last night...

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