Monday, 6 August 2007

Long time no post?

My stash, while not having gotten any bigger, now takes up two more bags of space. Why? Because I brought back all of the yarn that I had at my mother's house with me after my vacation. (Well, except for one WIP which lives at her place permanently.) There are bags of yarn all over my flat.

Result of this is that I need to get on with finishing a bunch of projects, preferably big ones. Yesterday I finished up the Peru wrap. It's huge. Hangs down to my knees huge. I love it, and it'll be incredibly useful when it gets to being winter again. And it means that I've used up another 6 balls of yarn. My next priority is going to be finishing the pink sleeveless sweater, since the weather period for it is coming up soon and is sadly brief. I cast on for the front on Saturday, so with any luck I'll finish it in the next couple of weeks. I'm sooo slow!

I used up an odd skein of eyelash yarn over my vacation on (what else?) a garter stitch scarf. It took about 3 hours on 8mm needles. I've got another skein of the same stuff in an autumnal colourway that's destined for the same fate. It's pretty, it looks good knitted up, but the thought of doing anything more complicated with that kind of yarn is just horrible.

Started a new scarf from Victorian Lace Today to work on on the airplane. Plastic DPNs and Kidsilk Haze, mmmmm! It's going really quickly, since I'm using pretty big needles. And it makes a good handbag project that doesn't require a tape measure. The sock is getting bigger slowly, but it's kinda boring going round and round on such dinky needles.

Speaking of socks, I've got another pair on the go. Bell Lace Wool-Ease socks. Worsted, so they are going really quickly. Will probably finish the pair before I finish the sweater!

After those, I'm planning to get cracking on the llama and Dr Who, since they are both Christmas presents. (Well, Dr Who isn't, but if I don't set a deadline I may never finish it.)

Need to take more pictures for Ravelry!

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