Tuesday, 28 August 2007

I think the jag is over

I just spent three days working pretty much full time on Dr Who. 537 of 1040 done - over halfway!

And now I am bored of it. I ended up spending about 3 hours yesterday evening working on other stuff. Another stripe on the burgundy and black scarf, and I've started the heel turn on the first Jitterbug sock! What was I thinking on the gauge? I may finish these wretched socks by next summer. Still, they are comfy and warm, and I still love the colour.

The other skein of Jitterbug is destined to become a pair of armwarmers to keep my fingers from freezing in the office. So is the alpaca. But not until I finish a bunch of other stuff! Although I did break down and cast on for a set of basketweave placemats for a housewarming gift. I think that once I get bored of the socks again these will just be a very quick finish project. Cast on until wide enough, then knit basketweave until the skein is gone. Easy.

I was very good on Saturday too. I had to go to the yarn store to get some embroidery floss and an embroidery hoop for the top secret project, and not only did I not buy any yarn, I picked up some interfacing for the coatigan lapels that I've been meaning to buy! I may get the coatigan finished before Christmas! Woohoo! (Just need to pick some toggles and figure out what I'm going to use as buttonhole loops. Oh, and knit the sleeves. Minor stuff.)

I seem to have a fairly serious case of finishitis. I don't know how this has happened, but I love it. I like clearing the decks of old projects - it's a good feeling. Kinda like the feeling you get after cleaning out the spice cupboard. However, the weather got hot again, so I did none of my mending. Did some work on the hotpad, but it's not finished yet. The centre-bulging is getting on my nerves. Bloody spiral sewing.

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