Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Gettin' my flap on

On Sock #2, that is. Lunch hour heels are in the forecast, and then I shall spend my evening working round and round on the stockinette foot. A finished sock by Friday? I would bloody well hope so. Then I can wear my new snuggly pink socks!

I took sock #1 over to my friends' house on Saturday, where I finished it up. Result of that was that two of said friends are now requesting their own socks. Fortunately, one of them is going to America soon and can pick out a colour of Wool-Ease of his own choosing. I might get him to pick up a ball of yarn for other friend's pair as well, since the yarn is so cheap! And I really do like making worsted socks. They go so quickly!

I am plotting the shawl that I'm going to make with the Cecilia Orchid. It's the three-cornered shawl from Victorian Lace Today, which is just stunning. And it is the very best kind of triangle shawl, because it has you cast on loads of stitches and then gradually decrease until you've got just 1 left to fasten off! Also, it's complicated enough that it'll be interesting. I've discovered that I prefer lace where every row is different.

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