Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Dr Who-athon

All I want to do is work on this scarf. Suddenly, rows and rows of mindless garter stitch are appealing and comforting and fun. A row here, a stripe there, and suddenly I feel like I'm back in the initial groove I had when I started it. Definitely taking advantage of this while it lasts.

The fact that I'm thinking about moving and therefore cleaning out as much stuff as possible beforehand may also be contributing. Why spend time and effort packing, moving and unpacking stuff that really doesn't belong there anyway when you could just get rid of it first? Hence lots of stashbusting coming up.

Pink sweater is no longer a priority project, as the appropriate weather I was expecting at the end of next month came and went last week. It is now cold and wet and windy. Snuggly socks and shawls weather, rather than sleeveless sweater weather.

I have also decided that tessellating fish are in my future, made out of the purple acrylic I dug up at mum's. (Yeah, remember the neverending blue stuff? I have about that much again in purple. Oy vey.) And more hot pads. We are short of hot pads.

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