Friday, 24 August 2007

Amazing fact

Things get closer to being finished when you work on them. Honest!

I have been doing some sewing on the I-cord hot pad, and I think I shall have a big push this weekend and just finish it so I can put it in a box and never speak of it again. Given how cold the weather has been, I suppose I really ought to spend some time this weekend mending my winter coat and reattaching buttons. Ick. Mending is boring but necessary. I could also get around to sewing the patch onto my backpack, but then I'd have to find my thimble...

The pink jumper is now living in my desk at work for lunchtimes, until such time as I have gotten up to the point of armhole shaping. Then it will have to come home for concentration-style work. Still, I can get 4 or 5 rows a day done, which means I might actually finish it before December 1st. Woohoo!

I dyed more yarn last night, with more Kool-Aid. This time I dyed the lot with 2 sachets of orange, then overdyed with solutions of 2x lemon-lime and 1x ice-blue raspberry lemonade in stripes. I then splashed the lot with 2x mandarin/tangerine. I was expecting to end up with orange yarn with blue and green stripes; what I have is a funky greeny-orange mottled yarn that I have christened "Green Pumpkin". It is much faster dying when you already know what all of the steps are, so I managed to do the lot in about an hour, including 40 mins steaming.

It is drying now, and I shall wind it into balls as soon as it is completely dry. I'm now out of white yarn, so will need to go stock up again. Look out, charity shops!

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