Sunday, 10 June 2007

Ticking over

This was a weekend of much knitting and very little getting of anything done. Yesterday was World-Wide Knit In Public Day, so the birthday socks and I trundled over to Trafalgar Square to join the other knitters for the afternoon. It was boiling hot and there was a Free Palestine demonstration going on. Of course, the security people were more concerned with the strange group that was either gathering without a permit or doing an unlicensed performance (that'd be us) that with the crazy political types shouting rude racist stuff in front of the tourists. Surely people wielding sharp sticks are scarier to confront than shouty people?

I'm almost done with the foot of the first sock (working toe-up), so I'm feeling rather pleased with my week's work. The yarn is yummily soft and not splitty at all. Although I am having twisting issues - every few rounds I have to dangle the whole thing until it untwists itself.

I also spent a large chunk of today working on the coatigan. This is a picture of a finished back and two fronts. Go me! Coatigan is going to take a break for a while, because I need to sew up the shoulders and the side seams, and work out lots of maths. See, I designed the fronts so that they would have a 2 1/2in selvedge that I would fold under to make self-finishing button bands. But I can't fold them under until I sew seams and figure out exactly how wide I want the front to be. (There are no buttonholes because I'm planning to use toggle buttons and loops to close it.) I also need to work out exactly how I'm going to do the sleeves, since I've got skinny arms and I've never adapted sleeves before. Ok, I've never really adapted a pattern to this extent before either.

Dr Who gets longer, slowly but surely. Now that I'm not running things on Wednesdays, I can resurrect Game Knitting. Which pleases me greatly.

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