Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Oops. I started stuff. And bought yarn.

I finished the back of the pink jumper, and decided that it was far too hot to be working on a wool jumper anyway. So it's sitting in the knitting bag waiting, and I've cast on for two new pairs of socks. The first is a plain, boring stockinette sock using my skein of Jitterbug in Sahara. I say plain and boring, but the truth is that a) I love doing stockinette in the round and b) the yarn is so pretty that it wouldn't be boring anyway. I'm knitting it on 2mm DPNs, so the gauge is much tighter than the last pair. Which is good. They were a little loosely-knitted. The yarn is doing this funky spiral thing, wide stripe of burnt orange wrapped around stripe of black and blue and hot pink and purple and leaf green. Very cool.

I'm working these based on Knitty's toe-up tutorial, which is pleasing me no end. I don't mind having leftover yarn after making something (well, as long as it's not blue acrylic), but I heartily object to running out. And since Jitterbug is notoriously skimpy in the yardage area, I figured better safe than sorry. Plus, it means I've learned how to work short row toes and heels. I'm also loving the fact that I can customize them to fit my feet.

The second pair of socks is a special pair that I'm designing for my mother's birthday next month. So no pictures. The yarn is Emily from Posh Yarns, a company that I am really impressed with. The woman who runs it sent the stuff out promptly, after having apologized for not emailing me instantly when I ordered, and her yarn is beautiful. She updates the site once a week, and it pretty much sells out instantly. Except for this one lonely skein of sock yarn in my mother's favourite colours, which sat there for over a week before I finally broke down and bought it. I wound, swatched and cast on as soon as I had opened the parcel! The yarn is a little thicker than the Jitterbug, so I'm working it on 3mm needles.

The other yarn I bought. Yep. One lovely skein of baby alpaca from Farm Yarn, a company that specializes in organic alpaca and sheep's wool. They had a stall at the Camden Green Fair this weekend and had reduced their prices by 50p a skein. So, I bought one, and I'm going to try it out on Mind's Eye Yarns Kerchief pattern. That way, if I like it lots (which I suspect I will), I can buy more with my lovely 10% discount and turn it into a proper shawl, and if I don't, I'll still have a cute kerchief.

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