Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A Discovery

It seems that whenever I have too many WIPs, I panic and don't want to work on any of them. I discovered this accidentally over the weekend when I was cleaning the house for a party.All of the knitting and sewing stuff got moved into the bedroom so it didn't end up getting spilled on, and then on Sunday I only brought out the alpaca shawl and the birthday socks. And got a ton done on both! So, I think that for the moment I shall be a two project girl. Two projects out; when I finish one, I get to haul out another UFO, when I finish two I get to start something new. Eventually I'd like to get it down to two projects on the go at any time, plus a handbag project if neither of the WIPs will fit.

Packages of joy yesterday! Domiknitrix did in fact make an appearance, and so did Knitting Lingerie Style! My grandmother decided to go out and get it after seeing the article in the IKnits she sent. Lots of projects, lots of design inspiration.

And the skein of silk from Sundara Yarn. It's incredible. 1000yards, 100g, pure silk. So soft! I'm thinking that it's eventually going to turn into the half-hexagon spider shawl from VLT, but not until I've made some practice lace first. And how goofy does that sound?

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