Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Again with the lack of a camera when I want to post

So, I'm just going to type and maybe add pics later. Or not.

The last few days have been busy on the knitting front. The first sock for mum's birthday was finished yesterday, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I made up a cuff that I hope mum finds as comfortable as I did when I tried it on! I was good and cast on for Number Two immediately to avoid SSS and finished most of the toe during Sharpe last night.

I also cast on for a new project over the weekend. Back in March I acquired 6 balls of Sirdar Peru, a wool/alpaca/acrylic blend in turquoise. It's beautiful, slightly chunkier than normal worsted, and ever so slightly thick-and-thin in texture. Unfortunately, it's a little scratchy to wear as a top, and I didn't buy enough to make a sweater. So, I decided to make a shawl, inspired by the Yarn Harlot. In 'At Knit's End', she tells a story about a magic scarf made for her SIL by dropping every other stitch on a lengthways scarf. Pull on it and it gets longer by two thirds. So, I'm making a magic shawl. CO 210 stitches, leave 5 stitches normally at either end, then drop as per Ms Peral-McPhee's recipe. Basically I'm knitting in garter stitch until I run out of yarn. Happily, this stuff spit-splices very well, so I can use up every last scrap.

I frogged Print o' the Wave yesterday. Basically, it wasn't perfect, and I decided that I would do better to try making my first real lace in a gauge I was already used to, rather than trying to learn how to make lace and learn how to use skinny yarn at the same time. So I'm going to make a kerchief shawl with my new Rowan Tapestry. Weird stuff - it's made of wool and soybean protein. Still, it's soft and it smells good.

(Incidentally, I'm becoming less and less impressed with Yarndex. Neither Sirdar Peru nor Tapestry feature on their list.)

I've decided that the Kaalund is destined to be the cap shawl from VLT. I don't know why, but I seem to be on a serious shawl kick at the moment. Leftovers will probably be made into the Handsome Triangle shawl from the same book.

On the acquiring side of things, life is good. My grandmother ordered Favorite Socks and Knitting on the Road for me a while back, and they arrived yesterday. Just in time for Summer of Socks! I shall be turning my second skein of Jitterbug into the Embossed Leaves, I think. And then, because my mum is wonderful, I have a copy of Domiknitrix and a skein of silk laceweight from Sundara Yarn coming to me in the next week or so.

Yarn! Books! Knitting! Socks! YAY!

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