Thursday, 24 May 2007

WIPs update

The first one to show off is in fact a finished object - the hat that took exactly a week. Literally, down to half an hour of starting time. And it fits! And it's just as warm as I had hoped it would be!

There is also a half of a finished object - the first and a bit of a pair of baba slippers. The first one took a whopping 6 hours to knit. I'm planning to work on the second one tomorrow, should probably finish it by the end of the week. And it's more blue acrylic used up. Two more partial balls already gone and now the skein that I'm using.

Big Black Shawl is on a time-out right now. It's bugging me terribly, and I've run into a stopping point: the circular needle I'm using is too short, and I have no desire to track down a longer one. So, it's been packed away into the sewing box.
To replace it, I've dug out this lovely scarf. I've loved it ever since I cast on, but it was a pain weaving in all the ends, so I retired it. And then I discovered the blissful joy that is carrying the yarn up the sides of the knitting. So, it's out again, and galloping along beautifully.

The llama is actually looking like a llama now. The legs are fiddly, but I'm working on it every now and then.

The pink jumper is wonderful. I know that Wool-Ease is supposed to be dreadful yarn to use, but I'm loving it. It feels soft and smooshy to the touch, and it knits up nicely. I'm still using it as the carrot for working on the other projects, but I'm two scant inches away from starting the neckline shaping on the back. The front will hopefully go quickly, since I've already figured out row counts and things like that.

Dr Who is longer and uglier. Frighteningly enough it's growing on me. 310 of 1040 rows done.
The coatigan is fun, but I'm about to get to a place where I have to do lots of resizing maths, so I'm saving it for a day when I'm wide awake and up to calculating percentages. Left front mostly done up to the neckline shaping. Once it's worked out, the right front will just be a mirror image, no figuring outs. The arms are going to be a nightmare though. I loathe baggy, oversized sleeves, so I have to jig it so that the sleeves are both the size that I want them to be and the correct size to fit into the armholes.

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