Thursday, 3 May 2007

Well! That was fortuitous!

In my previous post I mentioned that I was going to run out of Elle Monet for the coatigan by about three balls. So, this morning I headed up to the shop to get some more. Now, this shop is not really a yarn shop. It's more a beads-and-sewing shop that also stocks a limited range of yarn for the crazies like me who knit and sew. (It's also where I'm slowly buying all of the Kaalund Expressions.) I had previously purchased 7 balls of the Monet and not worried, as they had tons of the same dye lot left and surely I wasn't going to run out. After all, I've made whole jumpers with only four balls of yarn. Ahem. COAT. Lotsa yarn to make a coat with chunky yarn.

Well, the gods of knit were smiling, because there were EXACTLY THREE BALLS left of the colour. Same dye lot. And that was it. They had sold out of about 25 balls of yarn in a month.

The coatigan is intended to have a hood. However. I'm going to be very very paranoid and careful with the yarn. Body and sleeves knit and assembled before playing with the neckline. If it turns out I don't have enough for a hood, I'll turn it into an over-sized collar and chalk it up to experience. Or maybe raid eBay for an odd ball.

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