Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Stashbusting, Stash Enhancement

That was a busy weekend. Bright and early on Saturday morning I finished my stripey Harlot poncho. Three hours to cut and attach the fringe! Good grief! But it is finished now, warm and cozy. And the best part? It used up 11 partial balls of the never-ending blue acrylic and one entire skein that all went on the fringe.

Also on the subject of stashbusting, I started this hat with a ball of mystery acrylic that had been given to me to make crocheted flowers for another hat. I've been needing a hat that fell between my thinsulate hat and my cap on the warmth scale, and this will be perfect. It's using this free Karlchen pattern. I'm loving the top-down construction, since I really don't want any leftovers at the end. The crusade to only have yarn I love continues as I work through the stash.

On the enhancement side of things, I went shopping. My grandmother-in-law sent my husband a birthday card with some money for him and some for me, since she couldn't remember when my real birthday was. So, a trip to my LYS was in order! I love this shop very much. It's more like two shops in one, really. The front half is an emormous bead shop (enormous by London standards, so really quite small), while the back half is a needlework shop. The knitting section is quite small, although they do have a good stock from a range of suppliers, but the real treasure is in the embroidery section. They cater to every kind of needlework imaginable, which means that they carry things like Paternayan wool (very nice for high gauge projects). This is where I found my Kaalund Expressions. I went back on Saturday and bought the last two skeins of it, so I now have enough to make two complete lace shawls. I might even have some left over. I also bought some 2mm DPNs to make socks.

It's interesting - I'm moving slowly but surely into the DPNs in the round camp. I was unimpressed with the Addi circular needle I used on the poncho. I'll have to try some out in a smaller size, because I'm not a huge fan of large needles, but they were way too slippery. I'd love to get my hands onto one of the Addi lace needles, but they seem to be sold out everywhere! I'd also love to try out the bamboo circulars, as I think they might help convince me that circulars are ok. Until then, DPNs and straights all the way.

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