Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

Was really rather productive. I finished the back of the pink jumper (although haven't yet cast on for the front), finished the second of a pair of slippers, and played with lace.

I was going to make the Evergreen Shawl from Handknit Holidays, but decided 5 rows in that it really wasn't a very good first lace project. Mostly due to those 431 stitches you start with. It did teach me a couple of useful things though - I can now do a lovely provisional cast on, thanks to Eunny's tutorial, and I've also discovered that the wonderful Kaalund yarn holds up beautifully to frogging. Yup, that's right, I frogged several thousand stitches of lace just a few hours after knitting it.

So now I'm working on the Print o' the Wave stole. And it is lovely. It took a little while to work out that the pattern repeats didn't fall in exactly the same place on each row of the pattern, but now I'm into the rhythm of it. And it only has 80 stitches per row, which means I can work it on straight needles.

I've also started the second front for the coatigan. I haven't quite finished the first one yet, but I'm going to need both of them to measure the width of the buttonbands.

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