Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Busy week of holiday time

So, I have been knitting and sewing away. And amazingly, I've only been working on two projects. How? Well, I bought this:

One lovely skein of Kaalund Expressions in colourway Camphor Laurel. 450 yards of joy for £7. I'm seriously thinking about going back and getting the rest of their stock, since it seems to be almost impossible to find. My camera is dreadful, but the yarn is about a million different shades of greens and blues. I don't really like variegated stuff, but this just looks like some underwater fantasy. It's really beautiful.

I decided that until I had finished the two priority projects, I wasn't allowed to do anything with this yarn other than wind it into a ball from the loose hank. (I really need to invest in a swift and a ball winder.)

So, priority project one:

A blanket that I've been working on for two years. It's 16 rectangular patches of seed stitch diamonds on a stockinette background with a garter stitch border. When I'm actually working on it it takes about 8 hours of knitting to complete one patch, but it's so boring that I hadn't really started slogging on it until the last four months or so. I discovered the joys of KIPping, so the blanket has been getting about four hours of airing a week, plus odd rows here and there. The one good thing about it is that the pattern is really easy to memorize, so all I need to carry around with me is the yarn and the needles.
I'm nearly done - just one and a half patches left to knit, then assembling of the last strip and a quick crocheted border. Then my lovely best friend can have the blanket I've been promising her!

The other priority project is a wedding sampler for a good friend who's getting married next month in Tennessee:

And I've finished it! It took a week and a half, start to finish. I think I may now be addicted to blackwork. It's so quick!

14-ct white Aida cloth
DMC embroidery floss
Mill Hill seed beads and charm

Pattern and materials came from an eBay store on the UK website. It only cost about £12, so very good value. And unlike other kits, it actually tells you what all the materials are, so you can use the leftovers.

I might make this pattern again. If I did, I would certainly use 28-ct linen instead of the Aida, although I would then have to use an embroidery frame. Aida is stiff enough to hold without one.
(The charm is not actually sewn on at a slant, it's only attached in one place and slid when I took the picture.)

While I had the camera out, I decided to take pictures of my other knitting WIPs:
This is eventually going to be a sleeveless sweater with a half-turtleneck. I'm utterly in love with it, even though I don't really like pink.


although it may not look like it, is someday going to be a llama-shaped handbag. Basically you knit the body in one piece, then pick up and knit the legs, head and tail. It's very cute.


is a drop-stitch shawl that I started in October. I love the fabric, and everyone needs a black shawl, but it's so wretchedly tedious!!!!!!!!! I can't do more than a couple of rows at a time without wanting to strangle myself on the circular needle. Eventually it'll be made up of 28 drop-stitch iterations. I've done 15. What was I thinking?

Oh yeah. I also bought this:

Two skeins of Debbie Bliss cotton DK. It will be joined by one more skein of compatible cotton in a darker hunter green colour and turned into a pair of jelly-bean socks. I've been craving a pair of green socks for a while now.

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