Friday, 30 March 2007

Ticking over

The big problem with this blog is that whenever I'm most likely to update, I have neither knitting nor camera with me.

I'm working furiously on the blue blanket in an attempt to finish it in time for my friend's birthday in May. There are only 3 and 3/4 of a square left to knit, and I've been assembling as I go. So, one strip to attach, which I'll probably do this weekend, and then the last strip to assemble and join once the last four squares are done. Then the only finishing it'll need is a crocheted border, and that'll go really quickly.

Unfortunately, I can't just sit and finish the blanket. One of my friends is getting married in May, and I need to make her wedding sampler. I've finally finished hemming and ironing the fabric, so it's just a case of getting all the embroidery done. Happily it's blackwork, not cross-stitch!

I'm having fun on the pink sweater whenever I can't bear any of the other projects, but more about that when I've got my camera.

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