Saturday, 31 March 2007

I actually assembled the 12 completed squares of the blanket (although they're really oblongs). I'm also working on square number thirteen tonight. However, as of tomorrow the priority "at-home" project is going to be the wedding sampler for my friend. I can't carry that around with me, and although I've been working on this blanket for 2 years now, a wedding takes precedence over a birthday!

I'm also working steadily on the pink sweater.

I went stash-diving today to see if I could come up with projects for some of the lingering yarn. And, bless my mother, I've finally figured out what to do with the last of the rust-coloured worsted my grandmother gave me. It's going to be the trial for a cabled cushion I'm designing for another pair of friends' housewarming gift. And it's going to feel soooooo good to get rid of it!

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