Sunday, 25 March 2007

A Busy Weekend

I managed to get two projects done this weekend while the other half was away. The first being this pink scarf:

Yarn - mystery neon pink fingering weight (a gift from a friend)
Needles - 20mm plastic
Pattern - just plain garter stitch
Originally this was intended as a very narrow K3P3 ribbed scarf done on 3mm needles. However, not only was it unattractive, there wasn't enough yarn. I'd worked out a solution using some white yarn to do a colour-block thing, but that made it even uglier. So, in a fit of spring-cleaning, I frogged the whole thing. I had just bought t
he giant needles and wanted to see what kind of fabric they would produce. Imagine my joy when it turned out looking like fishnet!

Total project time - about 6 hours (or three normal length films).

Project two was this: my very first pair of socks!

Yarn - Lion Brand Magic Stripes "Spring"
Needles - 5x3.75mm metal dps
Pattern - Magic Stripes Basic Socks

Lots of new techniques on this one. I learned how to use dps, how to turn a heel, how to pick up and knit stitches along and edge, and how to graft the toes. Mostly it went pretty well. I'm having trouble preventing the ladders in the ribbed cuff section, and it's hard picking up stitches evenly along the heel flap. Oh, and I cast on the wrong number of stitches on the first sock. Still, I managed the heel unsupervised, I got the stripes to match, and they both fit.

I've only cast on one new project - A Very Suitable Sweater from 24-Hour Knitting Projects. This is going to be in worsted weight Wool-Ease in rose heather. A sort of pink. The weirdest part? I don't even particularly like pink, I just have a whole lot of pink yarn.

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